What permissions will you need in our HubSpot account?

As HubSpot consultants, we will be doing lots of technical work in your account as part of any onboarding or support plan, or project. We need to be able to work efficiently and not be hindered by permissions as we work in your account. Your HubGem Consultant will require Super Admin access to your HubSpot account for the duration of our time working together. 

Our consultants often need to review things like 'Account and Billing' (to check what HubSpot subscription you have in detail), domain and hosting settings, account-wide settings such as property configuration, users and teams/permissions, and integrations/API access. Many of these elements are only available for Super Admin users.

You will be advised at the start of the project who requires access and how to add them. If you have any questions about this, please speak to your consultant.