What security measures do you put in place to keep our HubSpot account safe?

We take the security of our customer's HubSpot accounts very seriously. All of our team are highly skilled and trained on using HubSpot.

We have a wide range of internal processes in place that ensure consistency, competency and efficiency of our work, we are happy to discuss these with you if you have any concerns. 

All of our team use 2-factor authentication to log in to HubSpot, and work on password protected devices. We do not store your data locally, apart from in specific circumstances - such as working on imports files or data migration projects.

We highly recommend that you enforce account-wide 2-factor-authentication in your HubSpot account and limit the users who can take actions such as exporting data. Speak to your HubGem Consultant if you need help with this. 

Every action our consultants take in your HubSpot account will leave an audit trail and you can see details such as 'last logged in date' in your account settings. If you have any concerns about the security of your HubSpot account (regardless of whether it is an issue within your organisation or ours), deactivate any suspicious users in the first instance, force password resets  and alert us as soon as possible by emailing hello@hubgem.co.uk